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Commission Calculator – How to work out gallery commission

It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure they have submitted the correct selling price of their prints when submitting to exhibitions. Please use the calculators below to assist you with this. Make sure that you have factored all your costs into the final selling price: gallery commission, material costs, profit, your time, courier fees and framing costs (if applicable).

From Artist Price to Selling Price

Calculation: (Artist Price MULTIPLIED by 100) DIVIDED by (100-Gallery Commission) = Selling Price


Artist Price: e.g. R2000

Gallery Commission: e.g. 30%

(2000 x 100) / (100-30)

2000000 / 70

= R2857.00

From Selling Price to Artist Price

Calculation: Selling Price SUBTRACT (Selling Price MULTIPLED by Gallery Commission)


Selling Price: e.g. R5000

Gallery Commission: e.g. 40% (0,40)

5000 – (5000 x 0,40)

5000 – (2000)

= R3000