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Members Responsibility

New TPG Members

New TPG Members must commit to the following responsibilities.

  • Each TPG member must be a practicing artist and printmaker who exploits the technical aspects of print for her creative expression.
  • She is encouraged to participate in TPG exhibitions and events with new work made to the exhibiting criteria – there is NO compulsory annual exhibitions for TPGs. Participation in TPG exhibitions, pop-ups, or art fairs is voluntary, no pressure! PLEASE NOTE: we do not take responsibility for prints damaged while in our possession, during the exhibition, or during the courier process.
  • TPG is a collaborative community. Each TPG member must commit to participating in the group with a spirit of curiosity and generosity – we have set up a (non-compulsory) TPG COMMUNITY WhatsApp group to create a platform to share work and tips or ask for technical advice. We also have created Small Groups that meet monthly online. While these groups are optional, we recommend you participate in order to get the most out of your commitment as a TPG member.
  • TPG is a professional dedicated community and expects its members to act in a professional and ethical manner, especially re: communication and deadlines.
  • Each TPG member must respect the ethics of printmaking re: documenting and editioning their prints.

Cost Structures

TPG relies on fund-raising projects. To keep the annual cost and commissions as low as possible, TPG relies on annual Fund-raising projects to bring in enough income for the following year. In 2022 each TPG member is required to donate a print of an edition of 6. This will form part of a print edition donation for sale towards the end of the year.


  • TPG has an annual membership fee of R250 per year. If your application is successful, you will be sent an invoice and this is payable before 31 March 2022.
  • There is ALSO a new member join-up fee of R200 – this covers initial admin costs which includes building your TPG website artist’s page.
  • We understand the financial constraints that many artists are under. Please contact us via if you need to arrange pay-off terms.


  • We take a commission on all sales at TPG initiated exhibitions/pop-ups for the duration of the exhibition. This is variable depending on the gallery’s commission.
  • Should we take a stand-alone TPG stand in any South African art fair, we will take a commission on all sales made at the fair.
  • On occasion, the TPG members may be required to pay an exhibiting fee.
  • For all TPG-initiated exhibitions, pop-ups, and participation in art fairs you will be informed of the commission structure and/or exhibiting fee in advance before deciding whether to participate.

Our Exhibiting Criteria/Costs

  • You will be informed of exhibition dates, deadlines, any costs, and practical requirements well ahead of time.
  • The selection process of prints for exhibiting will take place digitally. SEE THE ATTACHED FORM ‘TPG PRINT EXHIBITING QUALITY REQUIREMENTS’ – we reserve the right to reject work that does not hold to these standards, even if it has been accepted in the digital process.
  • You must submit your work digitally before the cut-off time. Images must be approx 1MG and you must give the full required artwork details.
  • You must agree that any work you submit for a TPG-initiated exhibition may appear on our social media for the purpose of promoting the exhibition.
    NOTE you will be acknowledged on the post.
  • The exhibited work will appear in an online TPG exhibition catalogue and this will also be available to members as a PDF exhibition catalogue.
  • Each gallery has a different way of exhibiting works on paper, but rarely do we need framed works. You will be informed of how to present your prints well ahead of time.
  • In this time of Covid uncertainty, we want to avoid shopping malls and Postnet. We have created a TPG door-to-door collection/delivery service with The Courier Guy. Unless you have your own courier account, you will need to make use of our account. We will book the collection/delivery online and give you a quote first for the service. You must pack your prints carefully to avoid damage.