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01 TPG Exhibiting Print Quality Requirements

When examining your print to be presented for a TPG exhibition, ask yourself:


  • Are the edges neatly torn?
  • Are the borders clean? [e.g., no ink marks, no fingerprints etc]
  • Is there any paper damage? A NO-NO! [e.g., bent corners etc]


  • Does the image have good ink coverage? [e.g., not patchy]
  • Is the print well-registered?


  • Is the print part of an edition or a monotype?
  • If it is an edition: remember you should have a BAT print – a final State Proof that you want the whole edition to look like. If each print in the edition does not look like your BAT print … woops, you will need to do some reprinting until the whole edition is near-identical!!
  • Does the correct edition number appear on the print?
  • Are the prints correctly documented? [e.g., a do you have a document with the edition number, how many A/Ps etc]
  • Is the print signed and dated?
  • If you have a studio chop mark, have you chopped your print?