It’s a fresh new start.

Hello TPG friends! Happy new year! We hope your festive season was restful and that you’re full of creative energy for the year ahead. 

We’re ready for 2022. We’ve got so many workshops lined up, exhibitions with all our favourite galleries, print exchanges planned and we’re expanding our membership too. 

After a wonderful year’s sabbatical, I am back where I belong – behind the scenes and excitedly planning all the marvellous events on our 2022 calendar. I would like to give as MASSIVE thanks to Cloudia Rivett-Carnac, Allison Klein and Mandy Conidaris for their dedication and excellent leadership for #TPG2021. After an exceptionally busy and successful year, they will be stepping down for a much deserved rest. I’m expected great things to be coming out of their studios this year!

You can expect some new things from us in 2022. Starting off, this month we are running an instagram campaign to re-introduce TPG to you, for you to get to know what makes us truly the #printlikeagirl gang that we are. Keep your eyes on our instagram page throughout January. We are also going to expand our social media to each of our individual artist members, as they do weekly take-overs and introduce themselves to you, starting in February.

We’re also welcoming a whole bunch of new workshops with more of our brilliant TPG members. Offering you exclusive opportunities to do online printmaking lessons with some of the best printmakers in our country. Details about these workshops will be available next month.

Based on the success of our print exchanges last year, we are creating a TPG Print Exchange specifically designed for you to get your hands on some of the best artworks of #TPG2022 at the end of the year. Saving the best for last, of course!

Keep printing!
Amy Jane
The Printing Girls

A vision for 2022 – The year ahead

This year we will be very busy in the first half of the year with workshops and creating the beautiful prints you will see on exhibitions during the second part of the year. Our calendar is so full, and we are excited about what the year will bring. Each month you will receive a newsletter from us to keep you updated – making sure that you don’t miss out on a single inky event! 

Applications are opening next month for new #TPG2022 members.

Keep your eyes on our instagram page for more information.

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