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Instagram Takeovers

Each week Instagram will be “taken over” by a Printing Girl!

How it works:

  • You will be emailed the log-in details for instagram on the weekend before your week commences.
  • Each day you have a topic to post about.
  • Select a high definition image, and create a well edited caption.
  • Be authentic and simple 🙂


These are the hashtags we need you to use in your captions, but feel free to use your own or add to this list.

#theprintinggirls #printlikeagirl #printmaking #printmaker #femaleartist #southafrican #printmakersofinstagram #contemporaryprintmaking

Daily Topic

Please make sure that EVERY time you post, you include your instagram handle/name so that people know who you are. This is also good marketing for your own page!

MondayA black and white photo of yourselfTell us a bit about yourself
TuesdayOne of your artworksWhy I chose/ choose printmaking as my medium
WednesdayA photo/ videos of a work in process, with your toolsTell us about your process
ThursdayYour working spaceDescribe your studio space
FridaySomething that inspires youTell us about your inspiration(s)
SaturdaySales dayAdvertise your sales page on the TPG Website

Instagram Stories

During your week of Take-over, please make use of Instagram Stories to post as much information about yourself, your studio, your art, your inspiration etc. These stories will be saved into a highlight reel with your name on it which TPG Admin will create. When people come to look at TPGs instagram they can then browse through the highlights and find yours! This is great marketing for your brand! Don’t miss out on this great tool.